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Tips to care for your silk arrangement so that it continues to look as good as it did when you bought it.

First, to remove loose dust, use a blower dryer on the lowest setting, using cool air if possible. Second, use a silk flower cleaner. You can find them at any craft store, or WalMart. Use according to the directions and it will keep your arrangement looking brand new.

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Silk flowers Tips: 
Silk flowers can seem incredibly realistic and, with proper care, maintain their beauty for long. Dust accumulation in the flowers and leaves, however, hinders the color and can make the flowers look more artificial than it would if they were clean. An important part of the care of silk flowers, therefore, involves controlling the accumulation of dust. It takes very little time - time certainly less than the required real flowers - and with good care, your silk flowers should last many years. 

1 Use a small feather duster to gently wipe the leaves and flowers. This softness is out dust and, for best results, you should do this at least once a week. 

2Spray flowers lightly, about a foot away, Endust, a wiper promise or silk flower. You should do this after removing the dust (see step 1) and only when the dust is significant (for example, after the flowers have been stored or in a dusty environment). 

3Wipe of all flowers and leaves immediately with a soft powder. This is necessary when using Endust or commitment. If you use a silk flower cleaner, however, you may be able to skip this step or spray a little and quit. 

4Let silk flowers to dry completely. Place flowers in a vase (or other container). Keep out of reach of pets to avoid crushing and keep away from direct sunlight, which could cause discoloration.

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Thank You for replying and your suggestions, these are very helpful.  Looking forward to getting to know you better and any more tips or information you can share.
Thank You for responding Silk Mama

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