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Working with Liquid Illusion (aka Acrylic Water)

Well the instructions state to try not to hit the inside of the vase when you pour the solution in...yeah right...with that flimsy mixing and pouring tray they give you. Not only did it hit the inside of the vase it ran down the outside too. I didn't even realize it went outside until the next day when I went to pick up the vase and it had adhered to the table! Solution: Purchase a glass measuring cup (1-2 cup size) just for your crafting or pouring liquid illiusion. Glass cleans up better. Purchase a funnel just for crafting too. The funnel will help keep the stream in the center of vase in a controlled manner. The measuring cup will help pour with more control and less spilling down the side of the container. Another note: to remove the dried solution from the vase or your counter, use a little Goof Off. Be very careful with this stuff. Not only will it remove the glue, it can also remove the finish from wood and countertops.

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