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Silkmama Candy Cane Centerpiece in Wayfair Blog

My Candy Cane Candle Centerpiece was featured in a Wayfair holiday blog.  Very exciting!  It was last year's stock and this year's is slightly different but mostly the same.  It's available here on Silkmama.com.  View Wayfair's blog here to see it on the…


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What is Silkmama Doing Now?

Making Jewelry!  As if I didn't have enough to do.  I've always seen the strands of beads at the craft stores but just kept walking by.  One day, I just thought, how hard can it be.  So, I bought one of their "Class in a Box".  I did all of the projects and got an idea on how to do it and some basic techniques.  I was just wanting to make my own jewelry.  So, I bought another book, some supplies and made myself a couple of necklaces.  The red bead necklace is one I made for myself.  A…


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DIY Sisal Rope Table Project

I had a Mosaic tile bistro table where the tiles around the edges were constantly falling off.  I was going to just throw it away when I was thinking how I could save it and either restore it or transform it.  I don't remember now how I came up with the idea of a rope table.  Maybe I saw one in magazine or one of the many emails I get.  At any rate, I searched the internet to find out how to make one.  I used the instructions from this site: …


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DIY Project using old scented Sachets

Recycle those old scented sachets once they lose their scent.   I use them in picture frames to create a beautiful room wall accent.  Greeting cards work well too, I've done this with Christmas cards that I just hate to throw away.  They look great on the wall at Christmas time or on an accent table.

It can be done relatively inexpensively too.  In this example, I purchased a double 5x7 frame with the Mat from Walmart for about $10.  Then I emptied the stale sachets (or you can empty…


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Bi-Annual Hair Donation

About every 2 years I donate my hair to Wigs for Kids.  An organization that makes wigs for kids who have lost their hair to Cancer treatments, burn victim or disease.  An organization I support.  It's an Ohio based organization very similar to Locks of Love out of Florida.  Both very worthy organizations.

This is around my 5th donation now and it takes me about 2 years to grow it to a length I can give them the 12 inches they require and still have shoulder length hair after…


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October Birth Month Flower - Marigolds

October is a great month to take a drive and see all the gorgeous colors of fall.  I love the change of the seasons and can't wait for the first snow fall!!


October's Birth Month flower is the Marigold and the Birthstone is the Pearl.  Marigold means sorrow or sympathy and is on sale the month of October for $29.99.  It can be found in the Birthday Album.  This makes a nice arrangement for the home…


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September Birth Month Flower - Morning Glory

September already.  Means back to school, days are getting shorter and cooler signifying Fall is on it's way.  It was such a hot summer, I welcome it!!!

I've been very busy getting the kids ready for school, seems like just when you think you have a handle on it..something new this year that they just have to have!  That's why I'm late getting this blog post out.


Anyway, this month's Birth Month is the Morning Glory and the Birthstone is the Sapphire.  Morning Glory…


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August Birth Month Flower - Gladiola

It's August and some of you are probably thinking about going back to school.  I know I'll be out shopping soon for clothes and supplies.  It's also time to share August's birth month flower, the Gladiola. The Flower is the Gladiola and the Birthstone is the Peridot. Gladiola means sincerity and symbolizes strength of character. This month's arrangement comes in White/Cream Gladiolas or Yellow or Red set in acrylic water with Peridot colored vase gems and a faux Peridot gem sticker.  It's on…


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July Birth Month Flower - Delphiniums

A new month is beginning and that means a new Birth Month Flower.  July's Birth Month flower is the Larkspar or aka Delphinium and the Birthstone is the Ruby.  Larkspar/Delphinium symbolizes an open heart and ardent attachment This month's arrangement comes in either light blue or purple with either blue forget-me-nots and ivy or heather and ivy set in a stone urn.  It's on sale the month of July for $26.24 It's located in the…


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May's Birth Month Flower - Lily of the Valley

May's Birth Month Flower is Lily of the Valley and the Birthstone is the Emerald.  Kate Middleton's bouquet was filled with Lily of the Valley.  Lily of the Valley means Sweetness and Humility.  This arrangement contains bunches of Lily of the Valley in a glass vase filled with Emerald glass marbles set in acrylic water.  Makes a beautiful and unique Birthday gift or a lovely arrangement for your home.  On sale this month for $22.49…


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April's Birth Month Flower

A new month  and a new Birth Month Flower.  Sweet Pea is April's Birth Month Flower and the Diamond is the Birthstone.  This arrangement contains Maiden Hair Fern and your choice of  Yellow, Pink or Purple Sweet Pea.  The Container is a criss cross Diamond cut shape with faux Diamond gems all around.  Very Nice.   Makes a unique gift from someone or just as a nice arrangement for yourself.  On sale the entire month of April for $34.99, check it out in the Birthday Album



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Spring/Easter Sale

Many Spring/Easter arrangements and wreaths are on sale 25%-30% off.  Please click on the Buy it Now button to see the sale price in Amazon.  I'm adding new items all the time, please keep checking back or follow me on Facebook Karen Silkmama to see them as soon as they've been added.


As always if you're looking for something unique, special or personalized for your decor, contact me.  I can work within your budget.


Best Regards,




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Bouquets created exclusively for the Rock Star Bikini Contest at the Arnold Fitness Classic

Silkmama.com provided the bouquets for the contestants and the winner for this year's Rock Star Bikini Contest at the Arnold Fitness Classic.  Friend me on Facebook Karen Silkmama and check them out.



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March Birth Month Flower - Daffodils/Narcissus

March is almost here and that means Spring is almost here.  I'm ready!!!  March's Birth Month flower certainly is indicative of that, the Daffodil or also known as the Narcissus or Jonquil. The Birth Stone is the Aquamarine.  The Daffodil symbolizes friendship.  Whether you buy it for yourself or someone else, this is a nice gift for Brithday, Spring or Just thinking of someone special.  Gift Message and Gift Wrap are available, you can specify in Amazon checkout.




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Flower of the Month - February's Birth Month Flower - African Violet

Where did the month of January go.  WOW!  February, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, etc..  Valentine's Day items are still on sale, most of the wreaths are gone, check out the items left, tell your significant other!

This month's flower is the African Violet and the birthstone is the amethyst.  The Violet symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and chastity.   Even if it's not your birthday and you like African Violets this small arrangement will look nice anywhere.  It's appx. 8x8x9… Continue

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Valentine's Day Special on Sale Now

A Single Red Rose Bud, Natural Caspia in faux water.  Comes with the Platinum Smooth All Stars CD, a smooth Jazz compilation CD featuring Justin Young's "Sip Your Wine".  What a perfect combo.  Was $39.99 on sale for $27.99 until 2/14.  Get it now!!!



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Introducing the Flower of the Month Series

Happy New Year!

Let's start the New Year with a New Idea!!!  The Flower of the Month.

Just as every month has a birthstone associated with it, it also has a flower.  Every month I'll introduce the flower of the month which will be that month's Birth Flower.  If you can't decide what to get someone for their birthday, what better way than to give them the flower associated with their Birth Month.


January's Birth Flower is the Carnation and the…


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Christmas and Valentine's Day Sale

Selected Christmas and Valentine's Day items are on sale for a Limited Time.. 30%-50%.  Prices are reflected in Amazon only.  Click on the Buy It Now button to see the sale price.


Starting on new Valentine's Day items, so stay tuned.


Happy New Year!!!!

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Christmas Wreath Sale

All Christmas Wreaths have been marked down! Only a few left.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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Halloween - Interesting facts

I'm one of those people that love to watch the History channel, NatGeo, A&E, etc.... I love knowing about our history as a human race, customs and why we do the things we do and why we celebrate the way we do. Many things change over time and we sometimes don't even know why we do them, celebrate a certain way, or how they came into existence.

So...here is link from Wikipedia regarding the history of Halloween. Interesting reading if nothing else.…


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