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DIY Project using old scented Sachets

Recycle those old scented sachets once they lose their scent.   I use them in picture frames to create a beautiful room wall accent.  Greeting cards work well too, I've done this with Christmas cards that I just hate to throw away.  They look great on the wall at Christmas time or on an accent table.

It can be done relatively inexpensively too.  In this example, I purchased a double 5x7 frame with the Mat from Walmart for about $10.  Then I emptied the stale sachets (or you can empty a fresh one into your vacuum cleaner).  I taped the opening, then taped them to the back of the mat (you can also purchase sticky boards from a local craft store), put the back on and now I have a beautiful botanitical wall art to hang. 


Happy crafting!


















This one, below,  I did many years ago with a Sachet packet and I hang it in our 1/2 bath...it's perfect with the Victorian decor of the room.  No one would ever guess this was a Sachet packet.  I'm sure they thought I bought this as an art piece.

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