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I had a Mosaic tile bistro table where the tiles around the edges were constantly falling off.  I was going to just throw it away when I was thinking how I could save it and either restore it or transform it.  I don't remember now how I came up with the idea of a rope table.  Maybe I saw one in magazine or one of the many emails I get.  At any rate, I searched the internet to find out how to make one.  I used the instructions from this site:  http://sparklepantsgirl.com/2011/06/sisal-rope-table/

I found all the supplies at Lowes.  I bought 3 packages of 50ft 3/8" sisal rope, 24 sticks of hot glue, and StrongStick all purpose adhesive (indoor/outdoor). I couldn't find the E600 adhesive, so I looked for something that would stick to the surface I was working with.  For my first project, I think it came out OK, not great or professional, but it works.  I need to fix the edges and then it will look a bit better.

It took me about 3 hours, including chipping the old tile off and one sore back and hand from constantly squeezing the glue gun.

It took 2 1/2 packages of the rope, 16 of the 24 glue sticks and all the adhesive (I recommend buying 2 tubes).

Here is the end result:

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